I can't find my account activation email

Check your junk mail. Hotmail usually puts it there.

I type in my login credentials but I can't login

The login credentials are EMAIL and password. A lot of users are confused and use username instead, which is wrong.

I don't know how to play

Don't worry! :) You can find the rules here.

I can't chat

You propably acted in a distrurbing way to other players and you have been silenced. If you think this is unfair in some way, contact the admins.

Offline players

After 2 of inactivity players appear offline. While in a game, when someone becomes offline, then he can be kicked by any other player and be charged with a quit.

I am online but appear offline / I was thrown out of the table

In you have to do something in the game you are playing, the system does NOT refresh your status and you appear offline after 2 minutes. By being offline , other players in your game can kick you and charge you with a quit.

"I'm losing so I quit!..."

Quitting games not only is very disturbing to other players, it is far worse for your stats, since quits 'cost' more than defeats.

...a different question

If the above questions didn't answer your inquiries , or your are facing a different problem on the website, please refer to the administrators.

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